Whether you’re looking for adult dance classes for yourself, ballet classes for your aspiring Prima ballerina or looking for a SPECTACULAR kids party place, Front & Centre is for you!  You might be looking for music classes for your budding musician who is always trying to find the right key to that Taylor Swift song. Either way, contact us at Front & Centre for dance and music classes. We’ll figure out the best fit for your family!

Here’s Why Front & Centre is the Right Choice

  • All studios are equipped with floating Marley Dance Floors which offer a sprung floor to absorb shock when dancing to help reduce the risk of injuries and allow students to dance longer without getting tired.  They are the same floors used by the National Ballet of Canada.
  • We offer small class sizes to ensure that your child gets the right amount of attention from our teachers and assistants.
  • Prompt customer service is our priority!  Our wonderfully organized admin staff are at the Front Desk to help you during all dances class times, week-days and week-ends.
  • Our Year-End Recitals are very well-organized to eliminate unnecessary time commitments and inappropriate dress rehearsal times.
    We offer 1 day of dress rehearsals, and usually run ahead of schedule. The recital is approx 1.5-2hrs long, and you would be proud to bring every family member to come and watch.
  • Mirrors start at the floor level so dancers can see and be aware of their feet from any place on the dance floor
  • Top-notch recreational dance classes taught by University trained teachers
  • Trained Assistant teachers to help assist your dancer in class
  • Students able to take dance and music lessons at the same location and save time between activities
  • Beautiful and custom costumes that are age and student appropriate
  • All costumes are sewn or purchased for performers so parents don’t have the hassle
  • Top-notch music classes taught by University trained teachers
  • Choice of more than one teacher to fit personality and learning style for music and dance classes for your kids
  • Friendly desk staff available to assist you during all teaching hours, every day
  • FREE WiFi in homework and waiting area for all Front & Centre families to use

Top Reasons to Choose Front & Centre for your Child’s Dance Education:

  • Excellent student teacher ratio with University trained instructors
  • Fun and creative recreational dance programs
  • Exciting and elite dance crews
  • Professional floating marley floors to prevent dance injuries
  • All children (ages 5+) perform in a stunning year end recital at a professional theatre venue
  • All Pre Ballet dancers perform in an “in-house” recital in an environment that is familiar to them, and the show is all about them!
  • Age appropriate choreography
  • Beautiful and age appropriate costumes
  • Strong technical and performance emphasis
  • Rewarding full body experience (physically, mentally, emotionally)
  • 4 large dance studios
  • Well equipped dance facility (sound system, ballet barres, full length mirrors)
  • Great location with access to public transportation
  • Plenty of FREE parking in front and behind our facility

Top Reasons to Choose Front & Centre for your Child’s Music Education:

  • University Trained Teachers
  • Private lessons provided to ensure students learn in the manner that is best suited for them
  • Students are able to choose from pop, jazz, or classical instruction
  • Choice of more than 1 teacher for each instrument to fit your child’s personality and learning style.
  • Instruction available for children as young as 3 through to adults
  • Ability to schedule private lessons for 2 or more family members all the same time to avoid hours of waiting and driving to different lesson providers each month
  • Royal Conservatory exam preparation available for all grades
  • Desk available to assist you during all teaching hours, every day
  • Students or parents never required to fund raise for studio events
  • Ability to take adult drop in dance classes or fitness classes at the same location as your child and save travel time between activities