We had such an incredible year!

“I just wanted to thank you once again for an incredible year with Miss Lianne. She is amazing! Words cannot express how unbelievable a Teacher she is! She far exceeded our expectations, as she is so passionate about her teaching and so motivating and so positive for the girls.

She pushed them to new levels this year in the Hip Hop 4 class on Saturday and she was always so positive and upbeat about it, that it was so motivating to want to do even more and work even harder.

We feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity for my daughter to learn from such an exceptional Teacher. She is just phenomenal and her energy and positivity was infectious. She took it to a new level and got to know all of the Girls and their strengths and where they could be pushed further, ensuring they were always striving to reach their own potential.

She truly is amazing! She is always so kind and in tune with everyone in the class. She knew when they would be ready for a new routine to change things up, when they had been practicing the one for the show every week and could use a bit of a change. And that routine as well, was exceptional every time and all of the kids worked hard to master it in the class, thanks to her motivation and energy.

She always gave such constructive feedback to ensure the highest level of Dance.

Lianne is one of a kind and so special and we feel so honored to have had such an incredible year with her!

Thanks again!”

"L" - Front & Centre parent