The Wednesday Ballet / Jazz for 4 year olds was amazing!

“I wanted to acknowledge what a wonderful year my daughter, Julia Santaguida, had this year in Jazz 1 on Wednesdays with Miss Katelyn. Every class was very enjoyable and Miss Katelyn did a fantastic job preparing a small class (3) for a big recital. Miss Katelyn did an excellent job choreographing, teaching and picking the music for their recital piece. Each dancer was happy, excited and very prepared for the recital. She brought out the best in each dancer. I cannot thank her enough. Julia was so sad that the class came to an end this week. Miss Kateyln is a real pro!

I would also like to acknowledge Miss Courtney and Miss Lauren who taught my 4 year old, Carolina Santaguida. The Wednesday ballet/ jazz for 4 year olds was amazing! They did a wonderful job keeping such little dancers engaged and learning. I was so pleased to see how much they learned at their in-house recital. Many classes Carolina was the only student there and both teachers were so excellent at making her feel comfortable and keeping her engaged on her own for the full 45 minutes – that’s tough to do with 4 year olds!

We look forward to fall.”

Janelle Weiss Santaguida