The faculty at FCDA is extremely careful when choosing the correct level for each student. It is very
important to remember that all students have different talents, skills and abilities, and they will not
all progress at the same rate. Please note that if the level of your child’s class has not changed it is
not because they have not improved. FCDA often keeps students at the same level for 2 years.

The number of times that a student studies per week will influence how quickly he or she progresses.
We have also found that students who have taken Ballet for several years are usually able to work at a
higher level in Jazz and Lyrical than those that have had little or no Ballet training at all. This is
because Ballet encompasses all the fundamentals of dance.

• ALL dancers in Grade 4 Ballet or higher must be enrolled in two ballet classes a week.
• If the student is auditioning for crew, the corresponding jazz and crew technique class will be chosen
upon acceptance.

• All class sizes are limited and will be enrolled on a first come first serve basis.
• Take advantage of these dates as classes will fill up quickly
• All registration deposits are non-refundable.
• FCDA accepts cash, cheques and credit cards as payments in full or auto-pay for tuitions on dance and
• FCDA reserves the right to cancel a class if there is insufficient registration.
• FCDA reserves the right to replace the teacher of any class if needed.
• Each student will be placed in the appropriate classes according to age and ability. If you are a
returning student, please bring your recommendation report with you during registration.
• Please keep your receipts for tax purposes (Children Fitness Tax Credit for dance students and
Children Arts Tax Credit for Music students).