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Our Zumba Adult Classes are pretty much the most awesome workout ever! You’ll dance to great music, with great people, and burn heaps of calories without even realizing it!  It’ll be a blast! come on out and try your FIRST CLASS for FREE!  We take the “work” out of workout


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$15 – Drop in Rate

$60 – 5 Class Pass ($12/class)  

$110 – 10 Class Pass ($11/class)  


Sexy Music Video Moves (all levels – beginners welcome)

Learn the moves of the hottest dance videos!  Each month we’ll learn the dance routines from a sexy music video – from Beyonce to Brittany Speers, to Paula Abdul, to Justin Timberlake!  From beginners to advanced dancers, gals from all levels will have amazing fun in this class!  If you’ve ever wanted to learn a mixture of Hip Hop, Street and Jazz, we’ll make sure you rock the next dance floor you’re on – whether it’s at a wedding or a club…or just at home in front of your mirror!  🙂

This is a super fun class to bring your friends to!  Remember, anyone can try the first class for free, and we’re sure you’ll come back because you’ll love this class so much!

Tap (all levels – beginners welcome) 

The rhythmic sound of tap for tap enthusiasts. These adult tap classes provide the fundamentals of tap as well as the opportunity to expand your tap vocabulary and apply technique to different music, and tempos.

This adult tap class will increase your focus, rhythm and coordination while giving you a workout that will put a smile on your face.

Hip Hop (all levels – beginners welcome)

This popular, urban-based dance form is usually performed to Hip-Hop or R&B music. Dancers are introduced to the many different forms of Hip Hop throughout the year, with new choreography taught every week.

Bringing the cool vibes back into your heart, this hip hop class will leave you sweating and boost your overall confidence and energy.

Sassy Heels (all levels – beginners welcome)

AKA:  Dance like Beyonce!!  Heels dance is easy to follow movement inspired by the art of burlesque and dance to achieve a full cardio/body sculpting workout while having fun, and building body awareness & self confidence. This adult dance class is designed for every woman to feel safe and comfortable in a liberating environment.

This class improves posture and flexibility, while strengthening your core and calves. It can also increases balance and coordination. What you also get is a massive self esteem boost, and huge dose of body confidence that is missing from many workouts.

Barre Fit (all levels – beginners welcome)

This new Barre class will lift your buns & tone your abs – challenging your whole body. Sculpt the body without the risk of overuse injuries by allowing you to work within your own range of motion. By using the barre/wall and challenging the body with centre floor core moves it is a great full body toning workout that is recommended for new clients, and all levels.

This ballet inspired class improves posture and flexibility, while strengthening your core, legs and calves. It can also increases balance, coordination, and grace. The Barre sculpts like no other program while only utilizing a small playground ball and light hand weights.