Q: What is Competitive Dance?

A: Competition is when dance schools compete against each other and are adjudicated by professional dancers and choreographers. At a dance competition, students put their skills to the test by performing dance routines on a stage in front of a panel of judges. The judges calculate scores based on costume, technique, and performance. Students compete for medals, trophies, special awards and scholarships.

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Q: Why should my child join the Competitive Dance Team?

A: Competition is a very exciting and rewarding way to enjoy dancing! Dancers experience being part of an encouraging atmosphere where teamwork and sportsmanship is taught, confidence is built, and self esteem is boosted. At Front & Centre’s dance studio in Toronto, your child will:

  • Enjoy a team of fun, talented, passionate dancers in a structured, positive environment
  • Learn challenging choreography and work toward perfecting performance & technique
  • Work with the studio’s top choreographers and guest choreographers
  • Guaranteed to participate in 2-3 large group dance numbers and perform at 2-3 amazing dance competitions (depending on
    the team) in local cities such as: Niagara Falls, North York & Collingwood
  • Have the opportunity to win dance scholarships and awards
  • Perform all Group numbers and selected top scoring solos, duets & trios at the year-end recital at the Queen
    Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto

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Q: What is the cost of Dance Competition?

A: If you ask around, most people (and websites) will tell you to expect to pay $10k – $12k for Competitive dance. We keep our pricing as low as possible – ranging from only $5953 to $6878 (including costumes & entry fees, choreographer fees etc) plus any optional “Extra” routines (small groups, solos, duets and trios) your dancer may be selected for. Acceptance of “Extras” are optional. We include all costs into our pricing so there are no surprise charges throughout the year!

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Q: What’s included in the Tuition?

A: We’ve done what no studio does….we’ve included all competition-related costs into our pricing so that you can know EXACTLY how much it’s going to cost for your dancer to compete with F&C. This makes your life much easier – no surprise charges, and no worry about dishing out extra money for these things throughout the season! Our pricing is all very transparent and packaged up completely into pay-in-full pricing or monthly payment plans. Most competitive studios have unpredictable charges that occur throughout the year, including extra surprise costume fees, competition entry fees, warm up outfits, rehearsal fees plus HUGE extra choreographer fees etc. These fees are not included in their ‘base comp packages’ and most do not tell you about all of these extra fees when you call to inquire about pricing – you need to specifically ask about each individual fee…trust us, we’ve called many Comp studios to inquire about their pricing!

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Q: Are Payment Plans Available?

A: Absolutely! Our friendly Front Desk Staff would be glad to help set you up on an easy payment plan!  Payment plans are not available for online registrations.

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Q: How is the Competitive Division Structured?

A: Our Competitive Dance Division consists of 3 teams with dancers ranging in age from 9 to 18 years. Teams compete in Small Fry, Junior and Inter Divisions. Dancers will compete mainly in large and/or small groups and select dancers will be asked for trios and solos. Each Team of dedicated dancers are chosen to represent the studio at 2-3 local competitions annually (number of competitions depend on the team) and will compete in a variety of dance forms including:  Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Ballet, Acro, Jazz and Musical Theatre (dance forms your child may compete in depend on which routines they are selected for).

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Q: Where will the Competitions be?

A: Our Junior and Inter teams attend 3 amazing dance competitions per season, and our Small Fry team attends 2 competitions per season in local cities such as Niagara Falls, North York and Collingwood.

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Q: What will the Audition consist of?

A: The audition is a dance class consisting of a warm up, progressions across the floor and a short combination. We look for the dancer’s technique, work ethic, knowledge of dance vocabulary, ability to pick up new steps and style, showmanship and how well they work with their peers.  Call us for Audition dates or book a private assessment.

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Q: What is the time commitment? What if we have conflicting activities or holidays?

A: Dancers are required to attend all mandatory competition classes (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays) including the mandatory Summer Intensive Camp the last week in August well as all mandatory Competition events, showcases and meetings. Competition parents/dancers are required to commit themselves fully during the months of March through May when competition season is in full swing. We expect dancers to attend all Competitive classes and ask that family vacations are scheduled during our studio closure dates (over March Break, Easter/Passover Break, Winter Break etc). We give ample amount of notice of all mandatory events with our online ‘Year-at-a-glance’ calendar here. Competition dates will be released at our annual competition meeting held in September.

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Q: What is the basic timeline/schedule for the year?

A:  The basic timeline is as follows:

AUGUST: Mandatory Summer Intensive Camp Toronto – typically occurs over 4 days at the end of August.
SEPTEMBER through DECEMBER: Train & learn competition routines.
OCTOBER / NOVEMBER: Make-up and hair workshop.
JANUARY through FEBRUARY: Clean up and polish the routines, fit costumes.
MARCH: Group dress rehearsal, Competition Showcase (in-studio performance)
MARCH through MAY: Additional rehearsals & competition season.
MAY OR JUNE:  Year-end Recital @ QEW Theatre in Toronto – typically held the end of May or during the first 2 weeks of June.

For a more detailed schedule, check out Front & Centre’s Year at a Glance.

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