Finding a dance studio with dance classes for the whole family can be a challenge, especially if you have kids who are young and are not yet able to attend dance classes. If you want to be in class at the same time as your children, it can be difficult to find classes for you and your children, while there’s childcare for the youngsters. In fact, very few places even offer this combination. At most dance schools, the classes are typically for toddlers up through high school, and class times can vary enough to make it inconvenient for everyone in the family.
There is one school with dance classes for kids and adults that offers childcare too. Front and Centre Dance offers:

  • Kids dance classes
  • Adult classes, including Barre class, tap, hip hop, Vinyasa yoga and much more to help you feel and look great
  • Childcare
  • Kid’s birthday party place
  • Music classes

We understand your evenings can be full of running around, so we created a location that can suit a range of needs with kids dance classes and more in Toronto. Challenge your kids and yourself physically and mentally, not your schedule and time with the family. Front and Centre Dance has the easy solution with many dance classes and activities in one location to solve the after school rush. Our kids dance classes include a very regimented Russian Ballet program and many other forms of dance for your child to excel at in our school. Contact us at Front and Centre Dance to find out more about when our classes start and to register your kids and yourself.