Ballet is many things. It’s an art form. It’s a means of exercising. It’s a way of expressing yourself. There’s no reason not to take part in ballet classes, whether it’s for your child or yourself. But the benefits of ballet are numerous.

Along with the artistic aspects, ballet is a total body workout, a mental cleanse, and a way to meet others with similar interests. But if you’re on the fence about ballet, here are a few of the lesser known benefits that are worth thinking about.

  1. When you’re taking part in ballet exercises, you’ll gain better posture. Ballet requires postural alignment exercises, which will improve your awareness of the way you walk, stand, sit, and carry out your daily activities.
  2. Like yoga and meditation, ballet is an excellent way to reduce stress. By focusing on the precision of your body movement and leg and arm placement, you’ll see tension melt away.
  3. When you’re studying ballet, you’ll repeatedly do a series of simple exercises called barre exercises. One of the side effects is increased poise and confidence, along with a touch of grace.
  4. Over time, ballet class students will have their back and abdominal muscles strengthened. The benefit of that will be a stronger and flatter stomach.
  5. Ballet movements are highly effective when it comes to improving flexibility and naturally developing long and lean muscles. This workout forces you to work muscles that are not often used in other exercises.