“There’s an incredible feeling of accomplishment that comes from pushing your limits, rising to a new level, and performing with and against other talented competitive dancers!  The victories and/or disappointments experienced at Dance Competitions prepare students for handling the successes and failures in the ‘real world’.  Experiencing these wins and losses while holding hands with the hearts of a passionate team of peers brings the concept of Teamwork to a whole new level; and the strong friendships that are built on competitive dance teams often last a lifetime.”

~Jodie Dusseault – Owner/Artistic Director (Toronto)


Competitive dance is a very exciting and rewarding way to enjoy dancing. Students look forward to the extra opportunities to perform and love learning challenging choreography, perfecting their performance and technique in a structured, positive environment. They are challenged to work to their full potential in a fun and encouraging atmosphere where teamwork and sportsmanship is taught, confidence is built, and self esteem is boosted.

Training with the studio’s top dancers who share your child’s level of passion & commitment to dance, your dancer will receive professional training by the most incredible certified teachers through our well-established dance studio in Toronto.  Call today to book an Audition to join our Competition Dance Team!